Tuesday, September 11, 2012

ask and you shall receive

I got what I asked for. A house. And I love it. There is no buyers remorse. There is,  however, SO much work to be done. Not that this is surprising, I knew what we were getting into. Its just once the reality of it hits and you have a full time job, a dog who needs walking, a new cat that needs adjusting, a sweet sweet husband who works hard on the projects and a house that needs some serious love and attention you realize how short your days are, in fact.

This is what our list looked like this weekend:
rewire dryer
washer leak
upstairs molding
updstairs doors
bedroom ceiling
laundry room molding
bathroom wallpaper
bathroom ceiling
change light bulbs

Yes, its as glamorous as it seems. I know, be jealous. I love that its ours. Its such a HUGE blessing that Brian and I have the means to purchase a home and now I'm so excited to make it our own. I just wish I had a bottomless pocket book and lots of free time to make it move faster.

As a person living with Obsessive Compulsive Personality, the idea of moving is a horrible thing. Boxes are everywhere. Drop cloths are on all floors to get rid of this god forsaken shade of yellow on our molding.

I mean, honestly, who paints molding that color? And not only the molding in the hallway...but everywhere. I told B this weekend that my next shirt purchase would be one that read, "Wet Paint" because I am usually covered with it on the weekends and then at work covered in dry paint because the darn stuff won't come off my legs!

We have made amazing progress already! We had 2 weeks before the carpet was installed to get some serious work done upstairs. B redid the popcorn ceilings upstairs himself (I told you the man is a handy dandy saint), primed them, painted them and then painted all the bedrooms. A huge curtsy to my parents who came in for a 'paint party' the weekend before the carpet was installed. We managed to get almost all of the painting upstairs done before we had to worry about drop cloths. That was such a luxury!

So now we attack the rest of the house room by room. Fixing things, personalizing them and then one day purchasing furniture. Craigslist has become me and my mom's best friend. I get a minimum of two emails a day from her of good finds in her area or mine. I've only made one purchase thus far but its a good one. I'll be sure to show you as the project comes along!

I got what I asked for, and its blessings and memories. B and I will always have the memories of walking into our very own home, repairing fences, painting over plum colored walls...and molding and electrical sockets (ugh...people), eating off a card table at nights we worked until 11 p.m. before returning to the old apartment and seeing Ringo figure out how to navigate his very own backyard. We are blessed. Now if you could lend me some time and money, that'd be awesome. :) Please be advised: future projects to be posted!!

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