Monday, June 27, 2011

ringo suave

Meet our pooch, Ringo Starr.

Brian and I adopted a dog from the Fort Worth Humane Society in January. This, as wonderful as he is, was an impulse purchase. NOTE: This is a very bad idea; we are lucky he worked out for us and we were actually ready for a dog.

In general, I am a cat person. I have two cats at my parents house, Harry and Beatrix Potter. They are 2 of the great loves of my life. Everyone who knows me, knows that I love all animals but I feel strongly that loving a cat is an extraordinary experience. Most people disagree/are silly heads.

This is the reason we have a dog. I like to torture myself by going to PetSmart on a Saturday to see the kitties and pick which one we will get when we have a house. The problem: Brian is highly allergic to cats and apartment living is not fitting for that issue. While I was seeking my feline companion, Brian decided to check the dog adoptions. We found an adorable terrier/poodle mix. Perfect! We thought, but decided it wasn't a good match. With disappointment, we left the store.

The next day, during brunch, we started thinking about puppy names. Fatal error. Brian convinced me to go to the FW Humane Society. Ringo was the first dog we saw. We did, in our defense, look at all the dogs there and walked/test drove several dogs, but Ringo was the nugget that stole our heart. His name given to him there was Lorenzo....pause for reaction. I knew as soon as we were test driving him that he was a Ringo. He had a Beatles' hair cut and was  a true ladies man. After about an hour to give it a think, lots of paper work and a small check to the Humane Society we walked out as offical dog owners!

He is a rambunctious little tyke with the following nick names: Ringo Suave, Pookie, Pookie Bear (anything pookie, really) Little Man, Golden Nugget, Baby Doo, Tinkle Tot, Sunggle Bug, the list can go on forever. We are lucky that Ringo-Man is a social pup and loves everyone! He loves visiting Fort Woof, the dog park, going on walks with his friend Merriweather, and being pen pals with Barney, his favorite golden retriever who lives in Arizona and Charlotte (depending on the season).

Ringo can shake, sit and come: sometimes! But when there is food involved: all the time. My mother said that what he lacks in training he makes up in charm. We are lucky to have found him and give him a loving home everyday.

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