Friday, July 1, 2011

operation: make us a home

Now that we are a married couple it is time to make us a home! I love a good project. We have been lucky enough to have a kitchen table and chairs from my parents for a while now but we really saw something else for our space.

I've been dreaming of a french kitchen table and we found one!!!! Brian and I went to OKC to see my parents. While the men golfed, the women visited our favorite antique stores. Oklahoma is OK...but their antique stores are FABULOUS!!! We found this beauty at the last shop we went to:

And so it came home with us on Sunday! We are so excited! The next part of the project is chairs! We, unfortunately, had to move my grandma into an assisted living facility. But she wants her things to go out to the four girls. So Brian and I got these!

We are getting the chairs' seats redone in OKC and then going to paint them turquoise!!!! Our apartment needs some color; As a coworker told me last week, "life is too short to live in a beige house." On July 16th Mom and I are going to a painting class where we will learn the Annie Sloan technique. What a fun class it will be and how much fun would it be to do for other people. The chest was also my grandma's and it was in my bedroom at her house. Brian and I are going to put that under the stairs and replace this awful side table that I found for free at my old apartment...ick.

Here's to a new project! I will update as Operation: Make Us A Home continues. Until then, wish us luck!

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