Sunday, November 20, 2011

once in a while

Well, isn't this the best thing ever? For several reasons, in fact. I love the quote. As a newlywed, this will be our first holiday together. We have always observed holidays with our own families since we weren't legally bound. I'm really excited to be together because it was always so sad to only be able to call the one I love the most during the most wonderful time of the year. But that also means bringing family together to form new traditions. So this will be a season of compromise. Learning other's traditions, embracing them and creating a few of our own; not necessarily sticking to what we're told.

I also love this because, HELLO, The Sound of Music is one of my favorites :) I watched it every day as a child and can and will put it on replay and just enjoy the music and dialog while I go about my day. B and I want to take at least one great trip together before we start a family and I think Austria is it. Its on my bucket list, I'm DYING to sing The Hills Are Alive as I prance through the hills, arms out, feeling as though I'm home. Brian will finally embrace accept my love for the film and sing along side me. I've promised him that we can also go to Prague because, well, who wouldn't want to? This trip is far in our future. But this morning it was a great inspiration for saving and planning what we will do, other than The Sound of Music tour, of course.

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  1. "sing along side me" - I love it. You absolutely need to plan a trip to Austria & Prague. Summertime when the hills are alive with music, oh wait. Here's to old traditions and starting some new ones of your own!