Monday, November 28, 2011

we are survivors

We survived our first Thanksgiving! In fact, we more than survived. We are champions. B took the reigns with the turkey and it turned out just beautifully! Moist and deeelicious. The herb butter recipe from Stop and Smell the Rosemary really flavored it just right.

I am so glad we prepped as much as we did. We made the cranberry sauce, also from Stop and Smell the Rosemary, on Tuesday so we just needed to put that in its serving dish. B's mom came over early to teach me the family recipe for stuffing and then we put it to the side. Potatoes were made by my sister in law as well as the pies. B's step grandmother made marinaded vegetables. I made a Barefoot Contessa's gravy recipe. It was ok - but I think I'll keep searching for another one. Green beans, amazing crunchy bread from Whole Foods and my mom's Waldorf Salad recipe rounded out the meal.

I felt very lucky to be able to use all of our wedding gifts! Our china from my Aunt Cynthia, a table runner from the wedding, Nambe candle sticks from a cousin and our formal silver. My in laws brought gorgeous leaded glass wine glasses that belonged to B's grandmother. They were colorful and really added something special to the table.

I'm so proud of us and one holiday dinner under our belt has prepared us for all the others. We are a great team in the kitchen and I am thankful to have a husband that wants to help prepare a special meal for family. Where I come from food = love, so we certainly showed the fam some love :)

I am however, exhausted. As soon as my in laws left we cleaned this morning and are decorating for the holidays now :) I am hosting the ornament exchange on Friday so everything must be in perfect shape. The garland is done, wreath is on the door. The small tree upstairs is put up. I'm still lighting the big tree and need to put up all the other little details. Ringo has been surprisingly good for the process. I figured he would be barking and chewing on everything but he just stares with awe. Christmas must be his favorite holiday too.

Offically, happy holidays, folks! May your holiday season be filled with many blessings and loved ones.

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