Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I have a new profession. As of August 20th, tentatively, I will also adopt the role of aunt. :) My sister-in-law is pregnant with her first baby. Now that it is facebook official, I am allowed to disclose my extreme excitement. The job of an aunt is a special one. It involves very serious stuff such as: spoiling, always having gum, providing a kind ear to listen and a gentle word of encouragement, special treats that only Aunt Katie & Uncle B will provide and so much more.

We do not know the gender of the sweet petite but we will soon find out! I am waiting with bated breath. That will then determine: the name, the shower decor and ideas and the clothes I purchase from Zulily.com. If you have kids or have babes in the family and are not a part of this you are totally missing out. It has the most adorable clothes and toys for not only the tykes but also fun stuff for mom! My boss convinced me to sign up for it, as she is a new mother, and oh gosh...she may create a monster. If this baby is a girl, all my ruffled dreams will come true. See, I know know that I will have all boys. Isn't that the way life works? I'm the epitome of girly girl. Insofacto, I'm having all boys.

I did however dream that this baby was a boy and his name was Kaden. That name isn't even on their short list, but I took it as a sign that maybe we will all be seeing blue in the next month.

I'm grateful for pinterest in this time of creativity. Its got all my juices flowing in how to shower the mommy-to-be. As my first baby shower, I need a little guidance since I don't want to put everyone through the AWFUL games. No one wants to guess what candy bar is in the diaper, appearing dirty. NO THANK YOU. So I picture more of a social hour with delightful tastes and drinks for all. I'm accepting all suggestions! I obviously still have some time on my hands, but with two bachelorette parties to plan this summer I figure I better stay on my A-game. So, here's to baby H! We're excited you're on your way.

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