Friday, July 20, 2012

a lot can happen in a week

The last post I wrote we were stumped as to what direction we would go with the house. A matter of days later, B suggested we put an offer on the house that we kept coming back to. We love the  layout, we LOVE the neighborhood, the schools are good for farther down the road, there is work to be done, but nothing as far as gutting. More like painting, carpet, fixtures, the normal stuff.

After two days we reached a settlement and are buying a house! I does that happen? Most adult thing I've ever done. Ever. Getting married costs $75 and is a piece of paper. Having a child...well, a child can have a child (not that they should), but buying a house. Well, let's just say I had anxiety attacks for the first week we pulled the trigger. I know we are making the right decision, its just intense. Conveniently, we have friends three houses down one direction and more friends a half mile down the other. So I think we will be having a great block party!

Stay tuned! We close on August 3rd. The same weekend that I will be co hosting my best friend's bachelorette party at the river (YAY!!) and my nephew may make his debut! It will be a very exciting time!

Then we'll begin the home improvements. Future posts include: paint...the master is a brilliant TCU purple. All that's missing is the fathead of Andy Dalton. Getting rid of a little bit of popcorn ceiling, other paint choices, furniture shopping and the joys of learning to garden. We have so much to learn. 

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  1. Haha FatHead. Yes please. Ems Block party, here we commmmeeee!!