Friday, June 29, 2012

outdoor living

As summer is WELL under way, we are melting in the 100+ degree weather. Everyone's posts of their car thermostat have loaded up facebook so just in case you forgot it was hot, someone was there to remind you. Isn't that sweet? Bless their hearts...

B and I continue our house hunt with little luck. For this being the season to buy a home, the listings are starting to be few and far between. So in the mean time, I am dreaming of our future home and all the ways I would love to create outdoor living to enjoy the evenings when the weather trys to cool itself down and we can enjoy a glass of wine while Ringo runs around in a yard. Oh, to dream!!!

Have a good weekend, everybody! Tomorrow we are going to see Blue Man Group as a late birthday party for B. He's never seen it and I couldn't be more excited to see it again! In between celebrations I'm sure I'll be checking trulia again for new listings. Ciao!

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    Have a good weekend, everybody!