Tuesday, August 30, 2011

area rug agony: operation complete

Its funny that the week I post about having such complete agony over finding an area rug I FOUND ONE! I subscribe to One Kings Lane and Joss & Main. I stalk search it everyday in hopes of finding items to make our house a home. Not all items are affordable...I mean, we are a couple on a budget! But its fun to dream and to build a 'wish list', but occasionally I find a true treasure.

I found said rug on One Kings Lane 3 weeks ago. I knew it was perfect. I called B and was given 'the go'. There was one thing standing in my way: my thriftiness. I am my mother's daughter and will only brag about items if I find them on sale. Those who do not shop on the sale rack are just foolish. You want a good future, you plan for it! I cut corners & DIY where I can. I made the ultimate decision not to purchase the rug...but I kept thinking about it and how I wished I had bought it.

One week later, what did my wondering eyes should appear??? THE SAME RUG on Joss & Main!!!! And not only the same rug, but for $150 less. It nearly brought tears to my eyes. I ran up and down the hall of my office, arms in the air, yelling for my coworker who is also on a mission to make her house a home. After a quick call to B I decided it was a sign and bought it :)

It happily arrived to our apartment on Saturday morning. I had a girls afternoon at the pool but I have the sweetest husband in the world who set it up for me that evening. Ringo assisted in setting it up and loves it. He always moved to the carpet to eat snacks and chew on his favorite toys; now he doesn't have to. We will have to watch him though...I will be protecting this bad boy like its my job.

Ringo loves the area rug, obviously.

He's just showing off the pattern!

We may adjust the table and chairs, but its the look that matters!

We are a happy family!!! I love it, B loves it and Ringo definitely loves it. In the morning you can find the Little Man rolling on it to scratch his back. It is certainly a fabulous addition!!

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