Monday, August 22, 2011

area rug agony

Well, we are still on the hunt for the perfect area rug. This is a difficult task. Size, design, color, price point, there are so many aspects to consider. This rug is for the dining area so it needs to be wide enough for the chairs to be pulled out from the table and durable. I've measured and taped it out on the floor...with assistance from Ringo, of course.

I am really struggling with the design. Traditional? Contemporary? Simplistic? There are so many options! What to do? What to do? I feel like an area rug can make or break the space. I am still in the process of developing my sense of style and decor; its not an easy task. Remember, we have an awesome farm house table and redone chairs in a turquoise blue with yellow gold distressed under the blue. I would like to have a pattern or design rather than just something plain like burlap, even though I'm seeing lots of that, we just need something to create a separate eating area from the rest of the apartment that adds lagniappe. Here are a few inspiration photos.

Garnet Hill

I love this pattern and the different options in color. The coral stands out to me. I'm not a big red person, but this is in the family and still warms up the space and adds some contrast to the table and chairs.

House of Turquoise

This is all too cluttered for me, but focus on the rug. I like the pattern added to the mix. And you're not focusing on one single color.

House of Turquoise

I am hating the orange chandelier, but I kind of like the rug. I like the design a lot and the changes in color keep it interesting. 

House of Turquoise

I am seeing so many stripes, that must be the 'IT' thing for area rugs right now. I really like it too. Stripes are clean, crisp, slightly nautical, which I like, and timeless.

Thoughts? Ideas? Direction? I've done several shopping days and am just having the hardest time finding something that really strikes my fancy. Help!!!

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