Wednesday, October 5, 2011

the honor of hosting

white pumpkin vase -- festive alternative

This year B and I have the honor of hosting our first Thanksgiving! As a newlywed, I consider this to be a great treat and I want to do it right! My in-laws are wonderful so I'm happy to learn and implement some family traditions and hopefully create a few with B as well.

DFW is the central location for family to come together, between Austin and Oklahoma, so it worked out nicely. Our table of six will expand to a table of ten, tight squeeze, but we'll make it work. I'm already starting to think about lists: favorite recipes from both sides of the family, decorations, timetable, etc. I have never had the responsibility of hosting a holiday meal but am SUPER excited to take it on.

I am officially open for suggestions, tips of the trade and ideas to make a wonderful holiday for my new family. I see a few trial runs in my future..and maybe yours! Bring it on, Thanksgiving!!!!

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