Tuesday, December 6, 2011

first christmas

This is it, folks! Our first married Christmas. Yay!!! I'm still so happy we will be together this holiday season. It really is awful to be away from  your love on Christmas!

In honor of our first year, I decided we should have a special ornament to celebrate. I told you I love ornaments! My parents were given a BEAUTIFUL ornament from my grandma their first year of marriage and they still have it: a partridge in a pear tree.

Isn't that a wonderful idea? It is also a daunting task. To find an ornament that will stay beautiful and meaningful forever? Till death do us part also applies to the ornament ;) So I started my hunt. I try not to be a cheesy person. It doesn't always work, but I try and that's what counts, right?

Ever google 'first Christmas ornament'? Do it. I dare you. The cheese that will erupt through your computer will astound you. Swans with their necks forming a heart, wedding cakes with the bride and groom standing atop, hands with rings. Its enough to nauseate me. Oh wait, it did. Regroup! No more googling 'first Christmas'. Plainly, that was not the avenue I needed to venture down.

My first stop was Neimans. Known for their classic and beautiful gifts all year long, I knew they would have what I was looking for, and they did! I went to a few other places but always came back to NM. We decided on the Swarovski snowflake. They create one each year and this year happened to be the 20th anniversary! Can you say SPARKLE??? What girl can resist?

It even has the year so when we're old and senile we can reference the ornament to remember how long we've been married. I'm very pleased, as is B. So, sorry cheese, classic won this battle.

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  1. Happy you found an ornament to celebrate the first Christmas!! It is perfect!