Wednesday, December 21, 2011

politics aside: santa for president

Seriously, put it aside and hear me out. I promise, its funny and wildly outlandish and not an attack on any party in particular.

I have Lewis Black's 'Anticipation' stand up CD and it is absolutely amazing, or at least parts of it. Yes, he is a flaming liberal and I find myself mostly down the middle of the road; everything in moderation, right? But this one bit in the CD is FAN-tastic.

Let me begin, Christmas is shopping. Not that it is all Christmas is about because I certainly do not believe that, but gifts are given so shopping must be done. Yesterday, the US saw a huge jump in the stock market. We are slowly dragging ourselves back up, working to get the country back to where it needs to be.

Lewis goes into how great Christmas is {because it is} and how it really spurs the economic status of the US. He says this:

When did the American economy 
become tied to Santa's a#s?
And if Santa is THAT important,
then may I suggest
that in November of 2008
we elect him president. 

Yes, this is an old bit. But the man has a point! Look at what Christmas does for us? We are the most prosperous economy in the world. I know it may not seem like it but other countries are rioting due to their current situation. We just have annoying people occupying at the edge of each downtown. 

I understand, Santa is a fictional character. Lewis goes on to say that if perhaps we just added an amendment to the US Constitution that whoever is the president has to wear the Santa suit.  What if we took it one step further? All leaders must wear the Santa suit. THINK about it. You are watching the news. Regardless if you were watching the leader of the House, Senate or our Executive branch and that person is driving you crazy. If they were in the Santa suit, there is no way to avoid the feeling of love and compassion with the Big Guy.

This is the future, people. I say parties join together. Santa for president. After all, he seems better than the nincompoops running for 2012.

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