Monday, December 19, 2011

that dog is part hound

That's what B's grandpa said after taking Ringo for a walk over Thanskgiving.

I am starting to agree with him. You can see his adorable black nose is a fairly important part of his face. He really has been letting it lead the way recently and its driving me crazy. He can sniff out anything edible or not so edible in a 100 meter radius. Going on a walk or run with him has become a game of tug of war with his leash, making me feel awful for choking him!!! But eating that bad piece of plastic or munching on anothers scraps is not the best thing for his tummy. What would I do without this furry little nugget? He may drive me crazy but gosh is he a good companion :)

Maybe Grandpa is right! Perhaps a tetch of hound resides in his sniffer, he was adopted from the humane society and we don't know what he is mixed with. I always assumed it was a terrier though...because of his stellar jumping skills. But that's another post all together.

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