Tuesday, January 24, 2012

new york, new york

I am counting down the days...practically the minutes until I am on a plane headed to New York!  BAM! I haven't been since May 2008 and I have some of the major loves of my life living there! After my parents graciously gave my sister and I vouchers that they received, I am on my way. I feel awful to leave B, but I am going on an extremely important mission: wedding gown shopping.

My love, Libby, is getting married in September and I am lucky enough to be her MOH :) This was the perfect time to get away. 2012 is already working one over on me so seeing Libby, Kristen and Bethany is basically medicine that no one but God himself can provide me with!

Appointments are made and plans have been set. This is one of the fastest trips ever...super lame...but we will make the most of every moment. Now we just need to say a prayer that snow does not get in the way of our gown shopping. I am fully prepared for a weekend of lace, silk, tulle and satin. BRING IT NEW YORK!

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