Monday, January 16, 2012

promise you won't judge

I may or may not have just taken down the Christmas decorations last night...and the clock is still set to Christmas music. I told you not to judge.

I prefer to think of my extended holiday decor as staying in the holiday spirit, not laziness. In all seriousness, we had a wonderful Christmas in Chicago. A whirlwind, to say the least. B enjoyed it and got to know the family a little better - which is always nice! We ate at Del Rio - B's new favorite tradition, too. And the last day, when everybody else had to leave super early, B and I stayed, closed up the house {possibly for the last time...tears were shed} and headed to the train station. We got to spend the afternoon with one of B's best friends who lives in the most fab condo downtown. I tell you, when its 46 degrees and he has the view he has, I'm willing to live in Chicago. But then I think of the blizzards and insanely freezing temperatures and realize what a Texas girl I truly am.

B enjoying the wine my uncle got for his birthday :) 

B & Reza in front of the bean

Our first Christmas in Chicago

I tried to get one of the three of us

We spent the next day with my in laws and got some good news..that will be shared in the future. But 2012 has proved to be a trying year already. Personally and professionally, I will be working to keep my butt in gear. It seems like the time is flying by. Mid January already? I mean, where have the days gone?

I'm not big on new year's resolutions. I think they are setting yourself up for failure. But I do like a goal. Something that, if you fall off the train, you can reset and get back on, no judgements. Its my goal to really balance this year. Family first. There are no other options. Friends are a close second and make my work performance that of a jedi master.

To think that I struggle balancing life now and we don't even have petites! Yikes! So a few things on our calendar this year are:
  • Go to NYC to help Libby find a wedding gown
  • Be in Houston as much as possible
  • Attend and enjoy myself at all SIX weddings this year
  • Have more date nights with B
  • Buy a house
  • Take Ringo on more walks, like everyday when its not bitterly cold
  • Read more books
  • Get creative with activities, decorating, cooking and organizing
Yes, some of these items sound a little stupid, I know. But hey, great or small, they are on the list! So, here's to a peaceful and prosperous 2012!!! BRING IT ON!

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