Tuesday, January 17, 2012

one year anniversary

One year ago today, this dust mop walked into our lives.

Changing the way we live our lives forever. After weeks of accidents and going out to potty almost every hour our little Ringo-man has emerged a slightly more behaved cuddle muffin. His accidents are now a rarity, thank goodness, and we're learning to speak each other's language. We have a routine down, that he really adheres to. His inner alarm clock is that of a rolex. He starts getting restless in his crate by 6:45 a.m. and knows when B's alarm will go off. You better be ready to get out of bed because he will not let you rest until he is walked, fed and has a pillow to snuggle up on the bed...or steals B's while he's sleeping on it too. That one's always entertaining.

I was scared to own a dog. They are so much more responsibility than a cat. Like woah. So this was a huge adjustment for me. Now, I attempt to make our schedules around Ringo, driving B crazy. He is my little one and I can't imagine starting our lives together without him, now.

He is preparing us for parenthood, I can feel it. He tries my patience, has accidents, is stubborn, barks at the most unfortunate times but shows unconditional love in return. He even tollerates my insane nicknames, which have grown since I introduced him to the blog: muskrat, pumpkin, pumpkin seed, turkey, snowball, my little christmas ornament...you see the trend, I link them to holidays. He will be my little valentine before I know it!

So, happy anniversary to our little man! I know he's just a dog but, oh, that little face makes our days THAT much better! What a blessing!

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  1. i think you should bring that snuggle muffin your carry on! oh, and brian too... if he'll fit.