Friday, April 20, 2012

house hunting

B and I are at the beginning phase of purchasing our first home. As in, we've met a realtor we like, who has worked with friends and they had a great experience with her. We are planning on going to get preapproved at the end of the month, and have already been going on showings with her.

Here is the problem:

The housing market here in Fort Worth is a "buyers market". Which is delightful. The problem is I have inherited a fine palette from my mother who has impeccable taste. I have a desired neighborhood. I like some of the houses that are currently on the market, but they seem to have stopped adding new homes for sale. I feel like I am constantly looking at the same houses over and over again. There are two homes in which B and/or I deemed acceptable but would, of course, still require adjustments.

I am a reasonable person. I do not expect to be moving into this house for our starter home.

Not that I'd complain! But I know that is not really in our reach at the age of 27. All I ask for is a 3/2 or 3/3. If you can give me a 4/3 that's even better - that means we can stay longer when we decide to grow our family. I also know that no home will be perfect. Each homeowner has their own personal tastes and preferences that must be adjusted to fit their own needs.

I would, however, love for some more reasonably priced options to appear on the market. Everyone keeps telling me summer is the time to buy! So, we're ready. Let the games begin...or, as Hunger Games would put it, "May the odds be ever in your favor" :)


  1. Oh my goodness, the joys/pains of househunting! I'm so excited for you. First of all, remember EVERYTHING is fixable. Everything. However, you have to be veryyyyy saavy and decide how to prioritize your "fixes" so that you make your money go to the max. Make sure the bones are there - the boring stuff - roof, a/c, plumbing, etc, because THAT IS EXPENSIVE. And then make sure the kitchen is good. The rest? It's ALL fixable. (Unless you want to put in a new kitchen but I don't recommend it!) Believe it or not, you spend less time in the Master than you realize, your guests won't mind a little cramped room if its decorated adorable and remember this is not your dream home. (Hate to break it to you, but save that goodness for later on in life!) We learned so much from the first TAH - so many mistakes and so many lessons. Keep us updated!!

  2. Oh, and another thing! Those pictures on MLS can be very deceiving. I had a weekly "rush crush" that I was certain was going to be the house. And then I got there and hated it. And of the three homes we've bought, I didn't really care for any of them in the pictures. Seeing is believing.

    Also, I am officially stealing that Oscar Wilde quote as my life motto. So. True.