Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Carole King. Songwriter. Legend. Artist. Perfect. And the cover of Tapestry has a cat. In general, this album has everything going for it.

Work has been insane. Yesterday my office was sun drunk after being out for thirty hours last week working with fire fighters for, what we hope to be, a successful Fort Worth Fill the Boot! But we were all a little on the wack a doo side. When I stumbled on this album in my co worker's office yesterday my world turned upside down.

My parents have this record framed in their house and my mom has always talked about how it is one of the greatest albums ever. That's a pretty bold statement...I mean, have you heard the original NSYNC album? I would, however, have to agree with her now. I listened to it all yesterday afternoon and was in a near euphoric state. That is a difficult task these days with my work schedule being that of a worker bee constantly in motion.

Isn't it nice to find something, something as small as a cd, that can turn your day around and make you feel warm, fuzzy and happy to be in the life that you are? But, I guess that's what the hippies were all about when this album was released. So maybe I have a little more free child in me than I thought.

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