Saturday, July 2, 2011

giveaway extraordinaire.

I love me some Southern Eclectic. Sheridan French is (from what I read) an amazing mother, wife, designer, editor and blogger. Notice the order. Those jobs are the order she puts her life in, which I find important. Certain things should go first and she makes it clear that they are. If you aren't a fan or follower, become one. I love getting to see her articles every month in Fort Worth Magazine, its like a little present each time!

She is hosting a GIVEAWAY! As said, she is an amazing designer. I could live in tunics if life/seasons would allow. I think they are flattering and comfortable and I adore them in the vibrant colors and textures she offers. HOLLER ATCHA! They truely are fabulous.


Anyway, visit her site, love on her things and hope that I get a free giveaway! I'm not one of those gals that usually wins lotteries or auctions, etc. But why not give it a whirl, eh? Feel free to indulge on the giveaway if you feel so inclined. Her collection is absolutely fabulous :) Enjoy!

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