Thursday, July 7, 2011

mo-ranch, my ranch

Its that time of year. The time of year when, if I were still a child, I would be at camp. I hadn't really realized it until last night when I was lying in bed; it made me so sad! I had the privilege of attending Camp Loma Linda at Mo-Ranch Presbyterian Assembly from the age 10 until I was 16. Seven glorious summers I spent there. I grew up at camp, made wonderful friends from across the state, better learned the Bible and learned how to be alone/without my parents (which is was no small task).

My childhood dream was to become a camp director. Talk about living the good life! You get to spend all summer in the beautiful Texas Hill Country with fun, motivated children who look at the world with a fresh perspective and play games, rock climb, canoe, swim, hike, horseback ride. Ah, just thinking about it again makes me feel light as a feather!

Alas, the real world hits and you slowly grow out of the idea/realize the salary for said job, and move on. But there is still that dream...And for me, since my camp was on a retreat facility I can still return. That is where the husband proposed! He is a smart man. Chapel on the Hill at sunset, my dream wedding destination, but too difficult to logistically arrange with family being from all over :(  I had my dream wedding in Austin and loved every breath of it, don't get me wrong! But there is the nostalgia at Mo that cannot be replaced by another.

I already dream about finding the perfect camp for our hypothetical babies and hope that they love it as much as I did.

Way down in hill country,
there lies by a river
our Camp Loma Linda, we all love her so!
Its here that we are gathered
to swim, sing and play together
in rain or in sunshine the whole summer through.
In the evening, by the campfire,
we sit and sing together
and kindle fires of friendships
our bonds firm and true!
When summer days are over
we leave you dear Loma Linda
we always will cherish our memories of you.

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