Monday, July 11, 2011

a different harry potter

As I said, I am a cat person and my parents have my two babies at home. In my household, we rarely settled on typical pet names. My first dog was Beauregard, my second Delilah. I had cats name Winston Churchill, Lafitte, Cleo (and then some ordinary ones) and a hampster named Hamlet. We believed in creativity in our pet names.

 My babies at home are Beatrix Potter (the children's author) and Harry Potter. They are both black and white, pleasantly plump, beautiful sungglers and very photogenic. I am a proud mama. We had Beatrix first. Although a sassafras, she is a wonderful pet and I love her so much!!! Harry came to us by the grace of God. We had only one, Beatrix (which was rare in our household), and as Mom and Dad drove home one day this adorable bebè sat patiently by the side of the road. Mom told Dad to stop the car, and that if he let her approach she would get him. Sure enough, as she inched closer to the emaciated kitten and bent down he lept into her arms! He has been a member of our family since and was an amazing addition. Harry is a handsome son-of-a-gun and an outstanding drooler :)

Beatrix Potter

Harry Potter

As we continue to celebrate the final installment of Harry Potter I think of MY Harry Potter, and wish he was here with me now, purring and drooling away :)

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